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WRA 200 S8

  • Anes Iwata
  • WRA 200 S8
  • Automatic Spray Gun WRA 200 S8
  • WRA200S8-XXXS8
  • The WRA 200 automatic pistols S8, suitable for immediate recycling of the product, is very compact and lightweight (only 460g), has a high transfer efficiency and precision of openness. The adjustment of the product is specified (in increments) and the settings are of different air atomization and range. The adjustment can be fluid with 88 positions.
  • Wood , carpentry, fittings, tanning, shoe factories, and Auto Industrial Industry.
  • High T.E.C recirculating spray gun
Modello Diametro ugello Pressione atomizzatore Consumo aria Ugello aria Peso pistola
mm bar ml/min No g
WRA200S8 1.2 2.4 530 E2P 460